Outdoor Wedding Venue Rental Near Nashville

The Spirit of Music Lives Here. Owned by Johnny Cash for over 30 years, he used to call this place “the center of my universe,” and it is the perfect place to make a beautiful memory in your universe. Hidden away in Bon Aqua, TN, a short drive from Nashville, the location features a 200-year-old farmhouse, a renovated rustic barn, and over 100 acres of tree-lined open land. Enjoy an intimate ceremony on our Barn Stage, with a nice breeze flowing through the barn walls. Follow the ceremony with your reception in front of our Main Stage, upon which we can host live bands, as well as a DJ. When the weather is nice, the open walls let in a breathtaking view of the land.

There’s something extraordinary about this place, and both you and your guests will feel it, as you celebrate your special day.

Options exist for an open-air wedding, as well.