Rachel Dawson

On the musical side, from the tender age of three, Rachel grew up singing her family and herself to sleep. Later on, she took her passion for music anywhere she could, from biker saloons to church choirs, and recently, on a tour in Germany with Mark Alan Cash and David Langley. Rachel is a singer/songwriter with a unique vocal style all her own. Ranging from Blues, Folk, Rock, and Country, her vocal range covers it all, from Stevie Nicks to Patsy Cline!

Her original material is difficult to put within a brand or genre, as it encompasses a melding of melodies and lyrics of the above-mentioned styles. Currently, Rachel has an EP with five tracks, some of which she wrote herself.

You can find out more about Rachel Dawson at the Storytellers Museum and Hideaway Farm, as she is one of the in-house artists there.