Mark Alan Cash

There’s really no question as to why Mark Alan Cash entered into this thing called the “music business.” On the day that Mark was born, his father, Tommy, the youngest brother of Johnny Cash, was already getting some airplay on the radio, and was touring the country playing his own brand of country music. Mark would tour with his famous father, before getting his own tour bus, and his own band, and touring the country playing country music himself.

When you listen to Mark’s voice, you can certainly tell that he's a Cash. In the richness and flavor of his voice, often compared to the deep undertones of Waylon Jennings, the sincerity of Keith Whitley and, of course, the timbre of Johnny Cash, Mark Alan Cash holds his own, singing like Mark.
Now as one of the In-house Artists at Storytellers Museum and Hideaway Farm, with songs filled with stories bearing deep pain, hurt, and loss, as well as melodies of joy and hope, you may hear Mark singin' stories about your own life.