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This is a loving restoration of a building that Johnny Cash once owned. He had created a little stage here, and held small intimate concerts for the community – including the “Saturday Night In Hickman County” guitar pulls.

Visitors will be able to experience a live musical performance at the renovated stage, and view rare video footage about Johnny Cash at a significant historical event that happened here, along with the history of this property.

We have an extensive collection of Johnny Cash photos and memorabilia, as well as unique and rare displays from classic country legends.

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See a collection of album covers, guitars, artifacts and pictures from the life of Johnny Cash, in a location that was a significant part of Johnny cash’s life and country music history.


Brezinka Exhibit

Wayne Brezinka creates and sculpts collage, mixed media, and often seemingly-insignificant vintage items into unique images and works art.
“I enjoy working with my hands, and the materials I use are tactile. Paper, cardboard, photographs, string, rope, wood, etc., they’re very organic and have lots of texture. These items allow me to tell a story with the ability to produce many layers and depth. I want to draw the viewer in, and, by using these materials and creating layers and texture, I attain that personal more intimate interaction with the work once seen at a closer glance.”


Elvis Exhibit

The beginning of 2017, the former home and office of Colonel Tom Parker, manager of Elvis Presley, – and the headquarters of the Elvis Presley Fan Club and Enterprise – was scheduled for demolition.

Storytellers Museum teams dismantled the interior within about 3 weeks. After the demolition of the exterior was delayed, the team continued its own dismantling, until we had collected 100 tons of building material, including bricks, shingles, a 250-year old tree, and a brick pond. Many of the materials have been incorporated into a contemplation garden in memorial to another great storyteller.


Live Music

Every visit to the Museum includes live music and stories from our talented in-house musicians.