Explore the Hideaway Farm

Visit the hideaway that belonged to Johnny Cash for over thirty years. See the house where he lived and the land that he loved—the place he called “the center of my universe.” Take a journey back in time as you tour the house built before the Civil War by the prominent Weems family, founders of the Bon Aqua Springs Resort.



The rooms represent the period during Johnny’s ownership of the house. Many of the artifacts are in the original positions as they were when Johnny lived here.  Get an intimate view of the man behind the legend from his personal items and furniture.



Johnny Cash owned a plantation home in Jamaica, called Cinnamon Hill. We display rare photographs of Johnny Cash, his family and friends at his Jamaican home. Chance Martin, who was a part of Johnny Cash’s inner circle and a gifted photographer, took these photos.



A rustic storage shed, original to the property, has been converted to house a collection of interesting automobiles. These include Johnny Paycheck’s Cadillac, Minnie Pearl’s Cadillac, Johnny Cash’s final Mercedes Benz, and Vivian Cash’s last Cadillac.


Weems Family Grave

Tucked away in a corner of the property is the Weems family’s cemetery. Take a quiet journey through the history of this prominent family, founders of Bon Aqua and the Bon Aqua Springs Resort.


The Key Box

“I’ve Been Everywhere” was one of Johnny Cash’s many iconic songs. Chance Martin, Johnny Cash’s road manager and lighting director, liked to “permanently borrow” hotel keys from all the places they stayed. This briefcase, full of Chance’s keys, is an indication of the winding journey they took.

After one stay, Johnny was told he would have to pay a $250 fine if he did not return a missing key. After paying the money, Johnny said, “Chance, why don’t you start collecting t-shirts?”


One Piece at a Time Car

Johnny Cash recorded the novelty song  “One Piece at a Time” in 1976. It was his last song to reach number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart.

Bill Patch of Welch, OK used his automotive know-how to build his own one-piece-at-a-time Cadillac, to help raise money for his LIONs Club civic center. He presented the car to Johnny, who loved it, and went to Welch to perform a series of concerts in return. A lasting friendship grew up between the two men.